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About us:

We believe in practicing what we promise our customers: short routes lead to faster decision-making. Openness generates trust. Transparency creates clarity.

Despite the dynamic growth our company is currently experiencing, we manage what we are passionate about in direct responsibility. This leads to a corporate culture that is driven by a tangible enthusiasm, the spirit of the Greenland Global Trading. But it also leads to a particular quality of Trading Products that enables us to optimally meet the high demands of our customers.


Our history in three Partners chapters:
(Regional, National, International)

The first Shipment to cross the quay wall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates was delivered by Shan Food Industry. That was back in 2012. Three friend worked at in one place & hard work / loyalty like to headline what has since developed from these beginnings as a success story. The most recent chapter in the company’s history begins in early 2014 with an idea and Three Friends becoming a three Business Partners; they combine experience, successes and global structures in Greenland Global Trading. The new corporation now forms the international idea's. If you would like to know more about our company’s evolution,

On behalf of all of them, I extend my thanks and gratitude; promising them that will continue on the same professional, specialized and honest way of conducting business.


A business’ competitive advantage is not always obvious, and some careful consideration should go into deciding what yours is. It may be based on convenience, owners are asked to state their key points of difference, some common answers emerge, which sound great, but competitors are claiming exactly the same things. Therefore, it’s not really a point of difference at all! The most frequently stated points of difference include customer service, quality, trust and reputation, knowledge, consistency and innovation. However, for any of these reasons to be a true competitive advantage, you must go on to explain why you do it better than your competitors for, proving this by backing up your claim with action.

One major benefit of creating a strong competitive advantage is that it allows you to compete on a level other than price. We need to be not only competitive, but also intelligent, in business. It is beneficial to not only know, but also project, how you stand apart from your competitors, so you can charge a fair price for your offering.

Our Mission

Strive for total customer satisfaction through quality service and constant communication; Provide all types of products that meet the customers expectation by teaming up with well established suppliers; Promote up-to-date products that will give the customer a competitive edge; And ensure the constant progress of the company and the continued service to the customer.